Moon Muse

Moon MusesMoon Muses was concieved after Susan and Erin had performed together at several Bellingen (northern NSW) music events. Susan had been to an art exhibition which became the inspiration for a musical interpretation of some of the paintings.With a local community brimming with creative potential in the form of artists, musicians, poets and dancers, a show was quickly concieved and performed...
Mindful of the Muse was created as a showcase for the more contemplative music by Susan and Erin. The CD has been recorded over a long period with assisitance from the ever-patient David Perry (sound engineer).

Some of the pieces have been used in performances with Silkweed, while others are purely studio pieces....composed specifically for this compilation. The album cover is from an exquisite original ceramic work by Hobart artist Sally Curry, entitled "Quan Yin"